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February 2022


So glad we met Keith! Keith’s tour of York’s pubs really brings the city to life. It gave Jemma and I so much colour to our visit, from the ghost stories to the fascinating commercial, political and architectural history of the places we visited. It was the best thing we did when visiting York.


We saw the historical pub walk online and decided to book the day before our trip to York. We both enjoy history and pubs so this was perfect for us. Keith was very kind and knowledgeable and our tour was great. It is also great that the walks Keith facilitate support a great pet care charity.  During our stay in York, after our tour, although we didn’t go to all of the pubs Keith took us around, we did visit quite a few. I would highly recommend this tour to anyone interested in history or pubs!

January 2022


I really enjoyed learning more about Georgian York, and envisioning the hustle and bustle of those days in the pubs.

I have already been sharing my experience and definately be back with visitors.


 It was very enjoyable and I learnt all sorts of things I never knew before. 


Annie & Geoff

Very interesting, good informative information. I particularly liked the stories about the way the pubs have changed over the years, and some that have a lot of original features.

Grace & Lou

The Historic Pubs Walking tour we took on Thursday was brilliant. We were a little late (oops!) but Keith was understanding and caught us up on what we had missed. The walk itself was over fairly flat ground, probably around 2km in total but it barely felt we walked that far. The management of the tour itself was very good, when we were potentially causing an obstruction to the public who were going about their daily business we were taken aside and led to stand in unobstructive places. The tour was split evenly between walking to destinations and the history/lecture side of it, which was fabulous, the walking aspects allowed us to chat with other people on the tour about where they were from and what their interests were. Keith himself was extremely knowledgeable and able to answer any questions put to him. He was a lovely man who obviously knew his stuff! He was very kind, patient and understanding, and we loved his book of pictures, it allowed us to take a ‘before and after’ approach to some of the pubs and businesses. He explained to us that  the money goes directly to the charity he was volunteering for, which we were pleased to hear. Don’t have a single negative thing to say, but we do suggest that on the hotter days perhaps cutting the tour a little shorter as I think a few of us were tiring quicker towards the end. Thank you! 

Tour guide note. Thank you for your great review & comments. Hopefully, when we get back to `normal’ we will be able to have a refreshment break & rest half way round.

Beryl and Mike

Thank you very much for an excellent walk on Saturday afternoon. The content of your talk was very informative and interesting and the pubs you selected made a good variety.


Many thanks for a very interesting and enjoyable tour. It was the perfect combination of fascinating facts in their historical context. I personally learnt a lot about the role the pubs had in the history and social life of the city.

Thank you very much for doing the tours and for raising money for such a good cause.


We found it a very enjoyable and interesting couple of hours. Thank you for arranging it.

Thank you for your tour. We both really enjoyed and learnt many interesting facts and stories . It was great having the old photos to look at too to see how things have changed.


We had an excellent evening touring the the public houses of York with you, your knowledge of each venue was extensive and your delivery without notes was impressive.I’m not sure that I can offer much in the way of advice but I did like the stories behind objects that are still in the pubs, like the blackened painting at the black Swan comma so I would suggest more of that.


We enjoyed the tour and learnt a lot.


Thanks again for the lovely tour.

Caroline- Private Group

Thanks for a great day, we thoroughly enjoyed it!

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